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Begun in the aftermath of Katrina, this blog was a way to keep family and friends updated as the family struggled to return to a semblance of normalcy. Now, more than four years later, the memories are still strong, the family is, to some extent, scattered. However, life did go on, and this is our story.

January 4, 2006

A Rose By Any Other Name Would Still Smell

Ahhhh. The spirit of BB lives on. You may recall from an earlier post that BB had gotten sick in our hotel room. Well, even though we had cleaned the carpet immediately, and soaked it with Fabreeze, there remains a faint residual odor, a reminder if you will, of a past visit, grandkids, good times, and projectile vomiting.

BB is a trip. She now knows how to sing “The Name Game”. What a talent!

As FEMA continues to set up trailer villages in the New Orleans area, concerns are growing because of the sheer numbers of trailers. Life on the West Bank and North Shore is already difficult for those who are living there in their own homes. The lack of an adequate workforce results in fewer commercial ventures being open, and those that are open have shortened hours, reduced menus (restaurants) or inventory (stores), long lines and delays. Now add to this a large percentage population increase and the already overtaxed infrastructure will be even further strained. There is no simple solution. Obviously people whose homes were damaged need somewhere to live if they are to rebuild. Hopefully many of the trailer city dwellers will contribute to the area’s workforce and help to ease the strain on the infrastructures that currently exist. More services, or enhanced services are needed to offset the population explosion.

Since we first came to New Orleans in 1984 (how Orwellian is that??) we’ve watched all the Paw Paw’s Camper City and Paw Paw’s Car City commercials. For years and years we’ve watched as Dub Herring’s kids and grandkids kicked the tires and said “That’s a good camper (car), Paw Paw!!” Sadly, another icon bites the dust… The Creole Tomato (If You Ain't From Here You Won't Get It).
One of those educational channels (Discovery, History, etc.) was doing a special on the history of alcoholic beverages. Amazing what you can learn. Did you know that charred barrels are used only once for the aging of bourbon whiskey, and that once they’ve been used they’re sent to Scotland and are used to age Scotch whiskey? I never knew that! What I want to know is how bourbon can taste so good, and scotch tastes so NASTY!!

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