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Begun in the aftermath of Katrina, this blog was a way to keep family and friends updated as the family struggled to return to a semblance of normalcy. Now, more than four years later, the memories are still strong, the family is, to some extent, scattered. However, life did go on, and this is our story.

April 1, 2006

Random Acts of Mindness

We’re back in New Orleans for the weekend. Actually just for one day. We arrived at 11:00PM last night and will leave tomorrow morning as soon as we can pack up and load the car. It’s going to be one busy day today!!

First on the agenda is doing two weeks worth of laundry. I did one load last night and the second load is in the dryer. Once that’s done we need to get over to a title place to have the title on our car transferred from Major Dad to us, now that he’s finally received the title from the state. (It only took months to get!!) Then it’s off to a tuxedo rental place in Metairie to get fitted for KenEllie’s Nuptial Mass.

Around 1-ish we’ll be heading to Oschner hospital to visit with Brett and his kids (please, keep praying!!) and then Deacon Ernie and I will baptize the twins at 2PM. Either 4PM Mass at Christ the King or 5PM Mass at Holy Name of Mary. Don’t know which one, yet. Finally dinner with most (if not all) the family (H1 and DIL will be in from Houston) at an as yet undisclosed location (Can you say “D’Itali’s Pizza???)(I hope!).

All of Algiers Point is having a “garage sale” today. People everywhere are putting their “stuff” out on the sidewalks and traffic is heavy. If we’d been in town to get ready we might have been able to divest ourselves of about ½ ton of our own stuff, but alas, not to be. Our house still looks like a “u-store-it”, the bulk of the clutter being self-inflicted.

Happy Birthday to Aunt Pat!! Picture me singing the birthday song with a birthday hat and one of those things you blow into and it unrolls and whistles. (In case I don’t blog on Monday). I hope you have a great day and wish you many, many more!

Our nephew, Bryan, with his bride, Brittany, celebrated their marriage with family and friends last weekend. I noticed from photos that Bryan and Bill wore kilts. Maybe now I can find out the answer to that age-old question of what do Scotsmen wear under their kilts? Bill?

Only two months until the start of the next hurricane season. This should be interesting, as I now understand that the city plans to order evacuations, even for tropical storms now because so many people are living in trailers. Another active hurricane season will certainly cause chaos in the business community as they shut down to allow employees to evacuate over and over.

And now government experts are saying that it will take at least 25 years to rebuild New Orleans! It’s an opportunity to do things over, and do them right. But, it also looks like that isn’t going to happen. Politics and graft “as usual” are already resurfacing in the Big Easy. The city is trying to contract to have all the old, flooded, abandoned cars removed. And where is the company they’re trying to contract with? The address listed is an abandoned, flooded out HOUSE (as opposed to business) in one of the devastated neighborhoods. You go, Ray-gin!

I guess I’ve roamed and rambled enough for one Saturday. Take care and remember, God loves you!!

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