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Begun in the aftermath of Katrina, this blog was a way to keep family and friends updated as the family struggled to return to a semblance of normalcy. Now, more than four years later, the memories are still strong, the family is, to some extent, scattered. However, life did go on, and this is our story.

March 20, 2007


OK. It’s pretty definite. Linda is coming home for good. She’s coming home yesterday… no, make that two weeks from yesterday… no, make that 6 weeks from yesterday. She actually got a call from an admin person here at SSC telling her that her report date is April 30th. So that’s the date I guess I’ll hang my hat on.

Linda and I had a good weekend. We went on a “married couples” retreat at St. Joseph’s Abbey in Benedict, LA. KenEllie came with us. It was a quiet, enjoyable time, with good presentations by three different couples. The retreat master, Fr. Tommy, was great! The theme was “Patience”. Hmmm, I wonder if that was divine intervention? (See first paragraph).

The “Abbey Youth Festival” happened to be held on Saturday on the Abbey grounds. Busload after busload of high school aged kids arrived early Saturday morning. Ultimately an estimated 4000 kids showed up! They had a huge sound stage set up, so often, even inside the retreat house we could hear the activities going on. Saturday evening we went to the Eucharistic Adoration with the youth. It was amazing to see a sea of young faces sitting and holding candles and praying together.

H2 is recovering slowly but steadily. He is getting out of the house now and then, and more and more often his old personality is shining through. It’s been a struggle for him, but he’s done well. Hopefully with PT and the remaining antibiotic regimen we’ve finally crested the hill and are on the downward slope.

H1 is coming in this weekend for a bachelor party for Big Boy. The plan now is for H2 to drive to Houston Wednesday and bring H1 back on Friday. Then H1 will fly back to Houston on Sunday. It’ll be nice to see H1 (however briefly) but we will miss having DIL1 here with him.

There are many members of our diaconate community in need of prayers, so I am asking that you pray for their health and physical wellbeing. Also, please pray for the wonderful couples who attended the retreat with us. We continue to love you and pray for you.

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Blogger Hannah said...

With me not there, you might actually get a few minutes of peace and quiet with H1. Enjoy, it will be the last time I allow that to happen. hehe

Love ya lots and hope Mom gets to come home soon .. or sooner.

11:46 AM  

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