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Begun in the aftermath of Katrina, this blog was a way to keep family and friends updated as the family struggled to return to a semblance of normalcy. Now, more than four years later, the memories are still strong, the family is, to some extent, scattered. However, life did go on, and this is our story.

August 13, 2010

Buenos días , ¿Cómo estás?

H2 and H2GF are a done deal!! The wedding and honeymoon are over, and they are back at home and at work. So now does she become Mrs. H2? Or DIL3? Hmmmmm?

The wedding event was beautiful, with everything working out perfectly despite glitches occurring at virtually every step in the planning process. The first indication that Good Karma was on vacation was when the wedding invitations arrived, only to discover that my middle name had been misspelled! Fortunately there was ample time for me to search the internet to find the exact font used, track down matching paper (which had to be specially ordered and cut into 8 ½ by 11 sheets, then recreate the invitation. No problem!!
Next came the bridesmaid dresses. Two were sent to Dallas arrived, one was late; two were sent to Del Rio, one arrived, one was late; but they all arrived with just enough time to ensure that the ladies were beautiful for the big day.

The tuxedoes were a story in themselves. I got a call the day before we were to leave for Del Rio to say that my tux was not ready yet, but would be the next day. This didn’t help me much, since we were planning to leave at 5:30 AM, so they offered to send it to San Antonio where H2 was going to pick his up. After setting that up, got a call from Kenny, who offered to pick up my tux when he picked his up, and he would bring it to Del Rio. Fine. Problem solved, right? Right… except when Kenny went to pick up the tuxes, HIS jacket didn’t fit and they couldn’t find one that did. So he had to stop in Houston, where the main warehouse is located, to get fitted for a jacket. Again, problem solved, right? Right. Except that when H2 went to pick up his tux in San Antonio, there were no shoes!! Solution? Call Houston and just happen to catch H1 and Major Dad at the tuxedo rental store picking up their tuxes, and having them bring a pair of shoes for H2!!

Still, all is taken care of in plenty of time for the wedding, yes? So now it’s Saturday at 3:00 PM and the wedding is about to start… except… the mother-of-the-bride, as well as the Maid of Honor, having gone to the reception hall in Acuña to pick up the bridal bouquet and flowers for the church, is stuck in the traffic jam that is the border crossing back into the U.S.!! The priest, Fr. Clay, is unruffled, and announces that we will pray the rosary for the peace of mind of the delayed persons struggling to get to the wedding.

Finally, the wedding ceremony begins (about 45 minutes late). The wedding singer’s voice is lovely, the procession is beautiful and everything goes as planned. I have the honor and pleasure of being the deacon at the Mass, and also officiating the marriage rite. During the ceremony, the couple is joined together with a wedding lazo (a double looped rosary), symbolizing their unity and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Later they, together, go to a statue of the Blessed Virgin to place flowers and say a prayer. It was here that, due to the slight discrepancy in height between the newlyweds, the lazo broke, much to the dismay of the bride! Once again, Fr. Clay was up to the challenge, offering comforting words describing the love of the groom for the bride having “burst” the lazo by its sheer magnitude!! Well done, Fr. Clay!!

After the wedding ceremony is finished the newlyweds are taken off for pictures. The reception, in Acuña, MX, doesn’t begin until 7:00 PM. So most of the family and friends of H2 fill in the time gap with a trip to a local vineyard for some wine tasting and a short tour. Everyone had a great time and many purchases later it was off to the reception.

It was decided to meet up at our motel and leave as a group to go to the reception. But… no one knew where it was!! Then we got a call from the groom wanting to know where everyone was, and to hurry up and get to the reception hall! So we asked for directions. H2 said someone would come by to lead us there. Of course, we didn’t wait long enough. Picking up some tourist maps (you know how great they are!!) we set off in 6 cars for the reception. Crossing the bridge over the Rio Grande we entered Acuña. We then set off in the general direction we knew we were supposed to go. Trying to get more specific directions was complicated by very haphazard wireless service, but when we drove OUT of Acuña, it was time to stop and get some assistance. We turned around, managed to get H2 on the phone while heading back into town. After being COMMANDED to “pull over! Don’t move! Where are you? Wait, we’ll send someone” we did just that. Within 10 minutes we were intercepted and led to the reception hall!

What followed can only be described as the absolute most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding reception in my life!! It was truly fabulous. An excellent “show” band, La Guardia Grupo Musical provided music and entertainment for the evening, with a brief interlude when a mariachi band arrived to play for the newlyweds!! I think everyone had a great time, if the pictures that have been posted on FB are any indication!!

So the entire wedding experience was not without a few glitches, but it was also, without a doubt, an experience that will be remembered for years to come!!

My sincere thanks and appreciation to all the friends and family who braved the airlines, highways, border crossing guards, and border taxis to make this event such a special one!! I truly love each and every one of you and wish you all God’s blessings!!

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August 1, 2010


Happy Anniversary to Jerrod and Patti, aka, Major Dad and DLG!!  We love you and wish you many more!!!

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