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Begun in the aftermath of Katrina, this blog was a way to keep family and friends updated as the family struggled to return to a semblance of normalcy. Now, more than four years later, the memories are still strong, the family is, to some extent, scattered. However, life did go on, and this is our story.

March 8, 2006

Yes, I'm A Ramblin' Man

The weather guessers are forecasting severe T-storms with possible hail and tornadoes tomorrow (Thursday). Let’s hope the weather passes on schedule so that we can drive back to NOLA on Friday with some decent driving conditions. It’s really getting old having to drive through torrential rains every time we go home.

Tried the fireplace last night. It’s gas, with a timer. I set the timer for 10 minutes just to get a feel, and Linda and I snuggled on the couch in semi-darkness watching TV. The fire was nice and relaxing, but the tick-tick-ticking of the timer was a bit off-putting. Next time I guess I should turn up the volume on the TV. Hope the ka-thumping neighbors above don’t mind.

Plans for the trip to Deal’s Gap are moving right along. The best suggestion so far, I think, is to have two groups, Memphis and NOLA, that meet up in Chattanooga, TN and then proceed to Deal’s Gap. I sure hope the weather holds up.

Speaking of weather (again), it has been pretty warm and mild here lately. The Bradford pears are all in bloom here right now and I’m amazed at how many there are. Color is quickly returning to Greater Memphis. Buds are popping up all over, grass is turning green. Call me a pessimist, but shouldn’t it be about time for another cold snap?

On to Page 2 –

Prayers needed. Ellie’s brother, Carlos, is being sent to Iraq for his 4th tour. He leaves sometime near the end of March. Please add him to your prayers. We are asking for a speedy and SAFE return home!

Also, because of Carlos’ impending departure, Kenellie have decided to go before a Justice of the Peace this Saturday so that Carlos will be present for their wedding. July 1st, then, will be a convalidation by the Church. For the uninitiated, the JP will perform the wedding, and they will be married civilly. After the convalidation ceremony (no different from a regular church wedding other than the fact that they are already married civilly) they will be married sacramentally.

What is it about the concept of lunch that people don’t get any more? For about as long as I can remember people have been going to lunch between 11am and 1PM (not for the whole 2 hours, of course). So why are the people I work for so adamant about scheduling meetings for either 11am or 12pm? Especially on a Thursday when the base dining facility serves the BEST ham and roast beef buffet ever? Especially on a Thursday when if you don’t get there early you may not get a seat?!?!?! If the command is REALLY concerned with employee morale they would drastically reduce the number of regularly scheduled meetings (especially those that meet two or three times a week) so that “important” meetings like an “all hands”, for instance, can be scheduled at a time that is more convenient to all concerned.

Off the subject (ok, so there is no subject), I still really like the FEDEX caveman commercial. OK. Now we have a subject… commercials. Have you seen the one with Bobby Knight where he kicks around a chair? It’s a funny commercial, but has a limited audience, wouldn’t you think? I had to explain to Linda a)who the guy was kicking the chair, and b)what was the significance of kicking the chair. Kind of like having to explain a joke.

My nephew, Tim, who (I think) is studying Dallas Theological Seminary has, according to his weblog, discovered Texas de Brazil. His comments support my own findings. Awesome experience for a meat lover. Vegans might not be so enamored, but hey, if you’re a vegan, who takes you seriously anyway? (Just kidding!!)

Let me close by once again asking specifically for prayers for Carlos. We will raise Carlos and all of you in our own special intentions to God our Father. May you always feel God’s Holy Presence, and allow it to touch you and heal you and guide you and comfort you. - Dean

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