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May 28, 2006

TGIW (Thank God It's Weekend!!)

It’s Memorial Day weekend. Possibly my last here in Memphis! Lot’s of stuff scheduled over the next two weekends that will bring us back to NOLA, then home for good on the third weekend.

It’s been really kind of nice having two non-traveling weekends in a row. That six-hour drive seems longer and longer each time we make it. Being able to sleep in if we want, hang out or go out, what ever, is a welcome relief from trying to cram in a week or a month’s worth of activity into a day and a half.

Yesterday we went to the Memphis Cotton Museum. It’s right down town on Union St. and Front St. and was very interesting. For one thing, it answered all the questions Linda has been asking for the last several months about how cotton is grown. The museum is located in what used to be the actual trading floor of the Cotton Exchange, and the exhibit is very nicely done, with audio and videos spread out throughout. If you get to Memphis, be sure to check it out.

And, as an added bonus, it’s only two blocks from (you guessed it!!) Texas de Brazil!!!!! No, we didn’t eat at Texas de Brazil yesterday. Actually we went to Peabody Place which is a multi-level mall that is connected to the Peabody Hotel. We had a nice lunch before going to the museum, at a little Irish Pub type of restaurant, sitting “outside” the restaurant, which was still inside the mall. Linda had a tasty chicken wrap and I had a delicious open faced ribeye sandwich.

After the museum we went back to Peabody Place and saw X-Men III at the cinema complex there. Good movie! Interesting to see one of our favorite TV actors, Kelsey Grammer, as one of the X-Men. So, this is what Dr. Frazier Crane has become?

Still, Memorial Day weekend should be more than just three days off from work. We should pause for at least a few minutes to give thanks for so many who have gone before us whose sacrifices are what allows us to live as we do today, in the greatest nation on earth.

Take care. God bless.

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Blogger Patti said...

X-Men was great! Did you stay and watch the credits? (hint, hint)

Glad you guys had a good weekend. It was nice and uneventful here, nice to see the bros and SILs!!!

7:39 AM  

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