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Begun in the aftermath of Katrina, this blog was a way to keep family and friends updated as the family struggled to return to a semblance of normalcy. Now, more than four years later, the memories are still strong, the family is, to some extent, scattered. However, life did go on, and this is our story.

September 9, 2006


*you'll get it at the bottom. Maybe.

Linda got in late last night. She'll be here until Monday, so we have two full days together!

It's looking to be a great weekend. Tomorrow we're gathering at P&J's for a BBQ. It looks like 4 of the 6 Ugandan seminarians will be there, as well as Fr. Deo, who is in the States for a few months. It should be great to get everyone together again. We had planned a get together like this last September, but Big-K (and I don't mean K-Mart) had other plans!

Hopefully Mick and Bev will be at the BBQ also. We haven't seen Bev since they sold their house and she moved to Colorado and Mick began staying with their daughter.

Mick's staying in the area until he finishes some things at Christ the King parish, then he, too, is off to Colorado.

Life in New Orleans never ceases to be interesting! It seems that a local radio personality and former TV sportscaster (for 24 years) has been accused of murdering his wife of two years. They were in the middle of what was gearing up to be a messy divorce. Originally police thought the killing was a robbery gone bad. Video cameras showed a scruffy looking man on a bicycle at the time of the murder. He had arrived about 15 minutes before the murder and paced back and forth in front of a security camera! It seems, now, that witnesses saw a man put a bicycle in the back of a white car only a block away from the scene (the husband owns a white Taurus). A shop keeper reported selling the husband a mustache, and a gun shop owner remembers selling him a unique kind of ammo, which happens to match that used in the shooting. Armed with a search warrant, the police searched the husband's house (destroyed by Katrina), his car and his FEMA trailer. Guess what they found? A "to do" list that corresponded to the murder, with tasks checked off. I think he forgot the last task - "throw away the list". It would be hysterically funny if it weren't so sad.

Yesterday my normal 20 - 30 minute ride home from work took 2 hours. 2 HOURS!! A garbage truck had overturned on the down side of the Crescent City Connection toward the West Bank earlier in the afternoon. By the time I left work at 4:30 not only had traffic backed up for miles heading to the West Bank, but the tie ups, as always happens, had spawned several accidents in both directions on the interstate. As rush-hour commence the CBD (Central Business District) and all arteries into and out of became gridlocked. What a mess. After being in that spaghetti pot for 2 hours, it's hard to believe that we have only 1/2 or less of our original population here.

The upside to the traffic mess was that H2 and I were able to meet Patti on the East Bank at Nacho Mama's for supper to wait out the traffic snarl. It was a really nice dinner and the ride home was ok.

Earlier this week KenEllie came over for "movie night with Dad". With Chinese take-out, and later popcorn, we enjoyed "Ever After", a nice Cinderella story starring Drew Barrymore in the Cinderella character, Danielle, and Anjelica Huston as the wicked stepmother. She is so good!! I really enjoyed her in "Witches". Our movie nights have established a certain theme. Ellie gets to pick, or at least suggest, what we watch, so I guess we could rename it "Chick flick movie night with Dad". That's ok, though. I like chick flicks as much as the next person... Maybe next time we'll watch something like "Silence of the Lambs". That's a chick flick, right?

BB and I-buddy (pronounced "EE"-buddy) come by the house every morning before school. BB is SO cute in her school uniform. Yesterday I asked I-buddy if she was always that cute. With a sigh he answered, "Yes. She is." He's SUCH a sweet young fella. They really love each other, although they do try to hide it on occasion.

The much anticipated arrival of Molly Grace is almost here. September 22nd, for those who are waiting along with the rest of us. We've been calling her Molly Grace for so long now I don't know what we'll do if Mom and Dad decide to name her something else. I guess we'll just keep on calling her Molly Grace.

The extended family is truly exploding! First Kylee Ann, then Logan Louis, next Molly Grace!! Still another one due in December, Paula's first grandbaby! Whew, did we "go forth and multiply" or what?!?!

That reminds me of a joke. When Noah finally let the animals leave the ark, as they left two by two, he told them to "go forth and multiply". Finally the only two left were a pair of snakes, who refused to leave the ark. When Noah asked why, they replied, "You said to go forth and multiply... We're adders."

On that (sour?) note I bid you farewell. God bless you!!!

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Blogger Sara Aimee said...

That joke is just my kind!! I can't wait to tell it to everyone I know!
Love you all and miss you terribly. :(

1:26 PM  
Blogger Hannah said...

The BBQ sounds just like the good ol' days. Jerrod must burn a hot dog in my honor (and then see if a neighborhood animal will eat it as no one else will!).

Thinking of you all, all the time.

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Ellie said...

Actually, Silence of the Lambs is a romantic movie. Hannibal too.

6:18 PM  

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