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Begun in the aftermath of Katrina, this blog was a way to keep family and friends updated as the family struggled to return to a semblance of normalcy. Now, more than four years later, the memories are still strong, the family is, to some extent, scattered. However, life did go on, and this is our story.

August 19, 2008


I must be one truly awesome and loving husband! I went with Linda and DLG to see Mama Mia this past Saturday night. I may not have been the only guy there, but I didn't see another. Add to that the fact that a fairly sizable number of women were attending, as a group, and sitting directly behind me and the result is something that I can only describe as "an interesting movie experience."

Just for the record, I DID enjoy the movie. I was a bit put off, though, when at some fairly humorous parts that would elicit a "chuckle" from me were greeted with nothing short of loud "guffaws" from the surrounding women!

Meryl Streep has a most pleasant singing voice... Pierce Brosnan, not so much! Still, if you go into the theater consciously aware that you are about to see a MUSICAL, you will probably enjoy Mama Mia.

Linda is SUCH a good grandma! Yesterday she took BB and went and saw Mama Mia again, since BB was not with us on Saturday, and she starts school again today.

H2 is in Virginia attending a Navy Exchange conference. H2GF is, I think, pretty much bored out of her mind by Linda and me. Thank goodness for The Closer and Saving Grace!

If you haven't already, please check out some of the newer links under "Catholic Favorites". You might be surprised to discover that you find them interesting!

"Peace" be with you!!

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