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Begun in the aftermath of Katrina, this blog was a way to keep family and friends updated as the family struggled to return to a semblance of normalcy. Now, more than four years later, the memories are still strong, the family is, to some extent, scattered. However, life did go on, and this is our story.

March 16, 2010


It was a great five days!! Sara arrived at midnight Wednesday. While Linda and I were at work on Thursday, Sara and Brenda went to the Quarter for café au lait and beignets, and also went to the Aquarium. In the evening, it was off to Aunt Leni's for char-grilled oysters, with Sara, Brenda, Linda, and KenEllie, after which we all returned home for some delicious Chantilly Berry cake from Whole Foods, and a viewing of The Proposal.

Friday both Linda and I stayed home to spend time with Sara. Lunch was pizza at Mo's. Dinner at FujiHana to celebrate Kenny's Birthday with DJ, Brenda, Kenny and Gisselle, Sara and Linda.

Saturday Linda and I, DJ/Brenda, and Sara took a motorcycle ride along the River Road (West Bank side) to the 310 bridge. Crossing over, we went out Airline Highway to Sorrento where we turned on to Hwy 22 for a leisurely meandering route back to Pontchatoula. From there we hopped on I-55 and hitailed it back to NOLA, going straight to FujiHana (yet again), this time for BB's birthday party! Taking up two hibachi tables, we had a great time, enjoyed the good food, and Bridget and friends seemed to enjoy themselves, too!

Sunday started off with me preaching at both 8 AM and 11 AM masses. Then Linda, Sara and I took another ride. This time we went around different parts of NOLA that Sara hadn't been to yet. Rode by City Park, the new Holy Cross HS campus, and down through the French Quarter, before returning to the West Bank. From there we went to P&J's for a shrimp "burl". Major Dad cooked up about 40 pounds of shrimp, so we feasted on shrimp, potatoes, shrimp, corn, shrimp, mushrooms, sausage, artichokes, and did I mention... shrimp?!?!

Monday I called the boss and got the day off. Linda, Sara and I rode (again!!). This time we met Skip from Mandeville and his wife. He had "rescued" Sara during her epic motorcycle journey to Colorado when she found herself out of gas in front of a (closed) gas station in Colorado. We joined Skip and his wife at the 'Teau and had a great time meeting, greeting and catching up. Then it was back home again, once more going through the French Quarter, just because it's so much fun when your on a motorcyle. Resting up we watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall, then off to P&Js for some shrimp bisque cooked up by Major Dad from the leftovers of the day before. It was truly "kick ASS" bisque!!

Today it was back to work. Sara will be flying out in about an hour and a half. All in all it was a terrific visit and we can hardly wait to see Sara, and everyone else, in July for the wedding.

So, there you have it, Sara's visit, in a nutshell.

Take care, and God bless!!

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Great people, great food, great fellowship, & great photo.

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