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Begun in the aftermath of Katrina, this blog was a way to keep family and friends updated as the family struggled to return to a semblance of normalcy. Now, more than four years later, the memories are still strong, the family is, to some extent, scattered. However, life did go on, and this is our story.

January 14, 2007


Hopefully H2, like New Orleans, is on his way to recovery. He saw one doctor on Wednesday who ordered physical therapy and occupational therapy. Then he saw the original surgeon on Thursday who told him to forget the therapy (at least for now), and prescribed a back brace. He told H2 that what he needed right now was to let his back relax and heal. H2 was practically a whole new person after he put on the back brace!!

Friday night he joined us (albeit gingerly) at Outback, and Saturday he ventured out into the living room and watched with Linda and I as the Saints beat the Eagles! Although he's still a little discouraged by his slow progress, I think there is progress.

H1/DIL1 had planned to come into town together this weekend, but H1 was supposed to work, so they remained in Houston. We missed them at Outback. But, at least we didn't talk bad about them because they weren't there... much... just kidding... or, am I?

More good news!! The Chateau Coffe Café, better know as "The 'Teau", located in the Lakeview area of New Orleans, and a frequent lunch spot prior to Katrina, is reopening on Tuesday!! It will provide another much needed place to go for lunch, as well as a gathering place for those occasional Saturday morning outings.

Patti used a Christmas bonus to get herself a bright PINK iPod Nano. Now she's in the market for all those "iPliances". There seems to be no end to the accessories that are popping up for the whole iPod line.

Hopefully the Saints win will bump New Orleans' seemingly skyrocketing murder rate from the headlines for a day or two. We can use some relief. We have plenty of people here screaming at the Mayor and police chief that the whole criminal justice system in NOLA is broken, but they don't offer any solutions. They held a march on city hall where several thousand people refused to let Nagin or Riley speak, saying that it was "time for the people to be heard". Then they commenced to badmouth the administration and complain about the broken justice system. Yeah. THAT was really productive. Like we didn't already know we had a problem. What we need are solutions, people. If you don't have anything positive to contribute, don't bother opening your mouths!!

That's about it... I've run dry for today. Take care and God bless!!

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Blogger Hannah said...

Okay, #1 I know ya'll talked smack about us 'cause that what we H-clan members do, #2 we sure did miss you all this weekend and #3 people say they want to "end violence" but that will never happen. Never.

Love to all!!

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Kennedy said...

Just wanted to let you know that SAINTS game Saturday night at the DOME was absolutely AWESOME!! Despite the new ulcers i am now carrying around, a win that catapults the "Back in Black Boyz" to the NFC Championship is yet another experience from NOLA that I will cherish.
Hey Mr. H! wanna watch the NFC Champs game together with H2? Perhaps Major Dad would be up to it too ... i'll make the salad. *wink-wink* We can dress out in our jerseys ... #91 is all i'm gonna say! hehe

8:03 PM  
Blogger H1 said...

Man! I never get Outback! (pouts and complains).

It sounds like that march on City Hall really did the trick. Nicely done! Way to accomplish absolutely nothing.

Don't people understand they are trying. I read the paper and apparently there are 46 motorists out there (in a 2 day period) who will think twice about how dark their window tint is. That's progress, right?


1:44 PM  

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