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Begun in the aftermath of Katrina, this blog was a way to keep family and friends updated as the family struggled to return to a semblance of normalcy. Now, more than four years later, the memories are still strong, the family is, to some extent, scattered. However, life did go on, and this is our story.

January 22, 2007



H2 didn't have surgery after all. He was supposed to be second, after an aneurism case, but it took so long, and he was feeling ill from stress and probably the meds on an empty stomach that it was postponed until tomorrow AM. So... we'll have to wait and see, I guess. I'm no longer counting on anything.

Here's the run down on this visit so far (as accurately as I can recall):

1. H2 goes to see IDD1 on Wednesday. IDD1 says he MUST have the surgery and she will speak to the neurosurgeon (NS) that day.
2. L calls NS's secretary (GF) on Thursday who says "No, IDD1 hadn't contacted NS" and that NS had been in surgery all day Wednesday and Thursday. GF called back to say yes, bring H2 in, so
3. H2 is admitted to the hospital yet again.
4. A neurosurgery resident (NSR) comes in on Friday morning and says yes, they are going to work H2 into the schedule.
5. Later Friday morning IDD2 comes in to say he is now on the case. He doesn't necessarily agree with IDD1's call for surgery. He will contact NS to discuss.
6. Saturday morning IDD3 comes in. He leans more toward IDD1 and says he would definitely recommend the surgery. Maybe today. No food.
7. NS comes in shortly after IDD3. He seems upset by the lack of concensus on the part of IDD1/2/3 and says he will meet with them first thing Monday to get everyone on the same page. He also orders a "pick line" for H2 to allow for IV meds at home. He emphatically says he wants it in "TODAY"!!
8. Sunday goes by quietly until the Saints lose. Dang it!! No food after midnight.
9. Monday morning brings anxious trepidation as H2 waits for the call to surgery. In the mean time he is getting nauseous and sick throughout the day.
10. By 3PM nothing has happened. Then Fr. John comes by to visit and give H2 the Sacrament of the Sick. Not 10 minutes later NS's lead resident (NSLR) comes in to say the surgery is still going on. H2 explains his illness and askes that the surgery be postponed until Tuesday, if possible. When NSLR leaves to check, IDD2 comes in with a gaggle of students and residents. He asked what NS had said on Saturday which meant, I gather, that the meeting "first thing Monday" hadn't taken place.
11. NSLR returns with NS. They observe the wound and are pleased with it. NS explains that the plan is to go in tomorrow all the way down to where the disc was removed and wash, disinfect, remove as much infection as possible, then close it up and send H2 home with a 6 week IV antibiotic regimen.
12. So. There you have it. Will the saga finally end tomorrow? I'm not laying any bets at this point.

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Anonymous K-Leen said...

Good lord! that poor boy's head must be swimming with trying to keep up with who said what to whom on what day about what procedure! he is in our prayers and we hope everything turns out the best for him.

12:30 AM  
Blogger Patti said...

Haha K-Leen - that was my first thought too "Good Lord!" Poor H1, that's all I can say.

8:19 AM  
Blogger Hannah said...

Double HaHa Patti, you said "H1". Close, but H2 don't get all the fringe benefits. hehe

Today is going to be H2's turn-around day. Fo sho!

9:49 AM  
Anonymous SSSPPPIIINNNEEEYYY!!! said...

Triple HaHa. All poor "H1" gets is to work on the car. "H2" gets all the tears and love and...

I'd pray for him but mom converted me to Wicka!!!! I'll cast a health spell:)

12:53 PM  
Blogger LouisianaRose said...

He's on drugs, he has no idea what they are saying!! Hehe

7:34 PM  

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