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Begun in the aftermath of Katrina, this blog was a way to keep family and friends updated as the family struggled to return to a semblance of normalcy. Now, more than four years later, the memories are still strong, the family is, to some extent, scattered. However, life did go on, and this is our story.

January 26, 2009


This post from The Anchoress is worth reading. It's about the "communion of saints" and prayer. Very good!

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January 20, 2009


B-r-r-r-r!! It's getting cold again! I can't believe I used to live where temperatures got below 0°F! It MIGHT dip to below 32­°F tonight and I'm already mentally piling on the blankets!

H2 seems to be doing well in the police academy. We pray for him daily. I think he has what it takes to make a top-notch police officer.

I begin the first of two spring semester classes this Saturday. If anyone is interested, the classes are Ecclesiology and Trinity and Eschatology. Both classes are being taught by the same professor.

Carnival is just around the corner! We're looking forward to H1/DIL1 (and Russell, can't forget Russell!)coming in for a couple of days. Also, my brother has indicated a desire to return for MG, so we're looking forward to his visit as well. AND, there's a good possibility that H2GF's parents and sister will also come. This could turn into one of the best Carnival seasons ever!!

Linda is getting more involved in Church related activities since the New Year. She plans to join the Catholic Daughters of the Americas, and the Deacons' wives are beginning to form a more tightly knit and active community.

While at lunch today I thought I felt a distinct "tremor in the Force". Probably around the time our new Commander-in-chief took office. I'm praying for the best, but after seeing all the appointments he made

Oops! I started this post three days ago and never got back to it! The temp is back in the mid-70's today (Friday). Not much new since last time... we're mainly just looking forward to Carnival and the family that it brings into town.

Judging from the family blogosphere I'm not the only one in blogger limbo. Hopefully things pick up and I'll be able to keep everyone a bit more informed.

Oh, almost forgot, Kristen (Tim's beautiful bride) has applied for a job and is asking for prayers. Please include her in your intentions, that God will bless her efforts.

That's it for my little update... Take care and God bless!

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January 14, 2009


H/T to The Deacon's Bench

And also from the Deacon's Bench, check out this link for a bit of New Orleans Jesuit history: The Jesuit Twins

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January 12, 2009


We've returned safely from Del Rio, TX (and Acuña, Mexico)! Linda and I had a great time! Bob (H2GF's step-dad) and Irma (her mom) were gracious hosts who kept us well fed and made us feel right at home.

We went to Acuña three days in a row. It is right across the border
(the Rio Grande)
from Del Rio. Linda, H2GF and I went Thursday, Irma came Friday, and BB (H2GF's sister) came Saturday. Each day we walked and shopped and had a good time.
After watching Irma cook beans in a clay pot we decided that we HAD to have a bean pot of our own. When we went back to Acuña with Irma, she helped us pick out two, one for us and one for Major Dad. Then we had to take them home and "cure" them. The curing process involved filling them with salt water and letting them sit overnight. We took them back to our motel room and filled them up. Unfortunately, we missed the part where they seep, so when we woke up we had water all over the sink countertop in the bathroom, as each pot had lost about an inch to an inch and a half of the water. Next we drove them back to H2GF's house to finish the curing process. Unfortunately (there's that word AGAIN) we didn't catch the part where we could pour out the water and start fresh, so we tried to drive with Linda holding the pots of water. Right. And did I mention that the house was down a two mile dirt/gravel/bumpy road? Anyway, Irma put them on her stove and finished curing them.
We can't wait for some fresh cooked beans from our pots!!

It was nice to see BB, we had heard a lot about her. We also got to meet one of H2GF's brothers, who is in the Navy and was home for Christmas.

It took us about 12 hours each way, with a stop on Sunday in Houston for a late lunch with H1/DIL1. They had picked out a BBQ place close to the interstate for us to meet, but when we got there we discovered it was closed on Sundays!! Fortunately, right across the street was a non-descript looking Mexican place, which we weren't even sure was really open, although the sign was lit up. Inside it turned out to be very nice, larger than expected, and the food was authentic and good!

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January 8, 2009

HOLA!! from Del Rio, TX

Linda and I made it to Del Rio yesterday. We left NOLA at 8:30, after dropping Ian at school and running to Manny Randazzo's in Metarie for a king cake. We were getting back into the car at Randazzo's when we decided we could buy another small king cake, cut a couple of slices for ourselves and bring a taste of "real New Orleans Mardi Gras" to H1/DIL1. So, back into the store for another purchase!

We got to H-town around 2:30 and stopped by DIL1's place of employment to drop off the cake. It was great to see her, wish we could have seen H1,also, but Sunday will have to do. We plan to stop for lunch on the way home.

We arrived in Del Rio at about 8:15PM. TomTom took us right to the LaQuinta where we are staying (we didn't want to impose ourselves on H2GF's parents, who had not yet met us). We called H2GF to let her know we were in, and that we would have dinner with her. The plan was to have her meet us at some local eatery. Apparently I didn't express myself well, because a little while later she called back to say her mother was home and had cooked dinner for us! She had told her mom that we wanted to come over for dinner!! Aaaaggghhhhhh!!!!!! It was a pretty incredible dinner, I have to say!! Absolutely delicious Mexican food! I was in "hog HEAVEN"!

Linda and I are about to leave to go back to the house for a late breakfast. Then it's off to see the sights of Del Rio. Not yet sure when we'll be going to Mexico, but our passports ARE in hand!

More later. Love to all!

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January 1, 2009


*from Miss Cellania via Happy Catholic

New Year's Resolutions You Can Keep

* Spend more time watching TV/movies.

* Chat more over the internet.

* Read less.

* Put on at least 30 pounds.

* Stop exercising. Waste of time.

* Procrastinate more.

* Drink. Drink some more.

* Start being superstitious.

* Spend more time at work. Get less done.

* Stop bringing lunch from home: I should eat out more.

* Take up a new habit: Maybe smoking!

And a reader added:
* Never finish what you star

Happy New Year!!

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